Welcome to n@tsuko's Jewelry site.

After working as a corporate designer for the major jewelry company, I turned a freelance designer in 1991, and I established my Web-Based design office in 1999.
Since then, I have been creating original designed jewelry and custom-made jewelry with my passion for making beautiful items for the customers in Japan for more than 30 years.

The products ( plate shaped jewelries ) that I design are all based on "custom-made", reflecting customer's request of a kind of material, shapes, ideal patterns and letters.
I named this type of custom-made jewelry, "fav.", it means a favorite item, and this is my brand and the one of my major products.

I have been incorporating the latest technology such as graphical designing; laser engraving to create any jewelry based on my customer's request and this is a part of my expertise as a jewelry designer.
It has been my pleasure to serve the customers by making their favorite jewelry.

In addition, as one of all Rock Music enthusiasts, I have been creating the jewelry for Rock Music fans.
I offer guitar or guitar pick shaped jewelry or whatever related to Rock Music items to satisfy the demands of my fellow Rock Music fans.

There are lots of options for customized & personalized jewelry and I am working so hard to provide a superior product for my customers.
I also work together in every step of the design process with customers and I am confident that my custom-made designed jewelry is the best.

I would be honored to create a beautiful jewelry just for you !

by n@tsuko